Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crunchy Mama: Homemade Squash

With Oliver, I didn't attempt home made baby food.  I thought about it, but was too scared to try it.  I felt like I had my hands full with the whole First Time Mom thing, and I was getting quite literally no sleep.  This time, I was determined to make it for Rosie.  There was no reason I should be spending money on baby food (even organic baby food) when we have access to some of the best organic produce around.  I wanted to be able to control exactly what my baby was eating, and I wanted it to be as fresh as possible.

As part of my crazy canning kick last summer, I canned some pureed fruits in anticipation of Rosie's arrival.  Yes, I was indeed barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  Canning my own baby food.  With organic fruit.  If you're crunchy and you know it . . .

While the canning was a lot of work, the fresh stuff is a breeze.  Turns out, it's so easy I probably could have handled it even with the amazing lack of sleep I got when Ollie was a baby.

We started with squash.  Bryan picked up a squash at the Outpost, and roasted it.

I scooped out the flesh, and put it through the food mill.

It seemed a little dry and still a little chunky, so I put it through the food processor along with a little water.

I packed it away in ice cube trays, and now we have squash for (hopefully) some time!

Of course, Rosie had to try some fresh for dinner, and she loved it.  I'm sure it was quite exciting after having just rice cereal with milk for so long.

She also got to try some of my homemade canned pear baby food Saturday, and LOVED that.  (I tasted some myself, and have to say, it was pretty tasty - think smooth applesauce, but with a fresh, bright pear taste!)  Next up: I've already got pureed peas in the freezer.  I bought a big bunch of carrots to process those as well.  Then we'll try some more fruit - bananas, peaches (homemade and already canned), applesauce (also homemade and already canned), and plums (homemade and already canned!).  Sweet potatoes and green beans in there some time too.  Baby's first foods are much fun to explore!

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