Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to CSA: 9/23/10

Yes, I slacked and missed an installment of How to CSA and Menu planning.  Really, I haven't been slacking, but rather trying to prepare for the baby, and control my near 3 year old.  We have indeed been eating, though have kept it pretty low key: chili (though it was some pretty awesome chili, with gorgeous tomatoes from our garden, carrots, onions, garlic, Italian red frying peppers, ground beef, and kidney beans, and topped with sour cream, jalapenos, Japanese onions, and your choice of cheese: cheddar, muenster, and/or buffalo jack), spaghetti (made with lots of roma tomatoes and garlic from the CSA), a fennel and potato soup (that we also added leeks to) with yeast rolls, asian short ribs, and paprika chicken (which we served over home fries rather than the recommended dumplings).  The next week's meal plan include cube steaks parmesan (we had an inordinate number of cube steaks from last year's cow), carbonara, and breakfast for dinner.

Our goodies this week include:

summer squashes


swiss chard


hakuri turnips

black turnips

red kuri squash

Italian red frying peppers (2 of which were used in the paprika chicken)

winter radishes

sweet onion


green cabbage

jalapenos (of which we received extras in order to make some candied jalapenos for our dear Miss Kay and family)

and roma tomatoes (which were used in the aforementioned paprika chicken)

Stay tuned for the meal plan!

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