Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Planning: 9/23/10 CSA

These are in no particular order, as I'm still trying to catch up with life, but at least I planned ahead this time around.  I will consider that alone a win at this point.

Spiced Kuri Squash and Chicken Stew
Cook's notes: Serve over rice (instead of including in soup).
CSA ingredients: red kuri squash, sweet onion
Market ingredients: chicken, garlic, cilantro

Delmonico steak, Celeriac Gratin
Cook's notes: Pan grill and slice steak, serve with pan sauce.
CSA ingredients: celeriac

Rick's Tacos with Garlicky Mexican Greens, beans
Cook's notes: Make homemade queso fresco.
CSA ingredients: swiss chard
Market ingredients: garlic
Garden ingredients: tomatillos (from Paul and Lori's garden)

Blackened Steak Salad, frites
Cook's notes: Don't include potatoes in salad - make frites instead.  Use sweet red pepper instead of green bell.  Add raw black turnips and winter radish to salad.
CSA ingredients: lettuce, Italian red frying pepper, potatoes (leftover from last CSA), winter radish, black turnips
Garden ingredients: tomatoes

Honey Garlic BBQ Spare Ribs, summer squash, wheat berries
CSA ingredients: summer squashes
Market ingredients: garlic, honey

Beef Stir Fry with Cabbage, rice
Cook's notes: Use cube steak.
CSA ingredients: green cabbage, hakuri turnips
Market ingredients: garlic

That will leave us with some hakuri turnips, winter radishes, and basil, which I am sure we will find a good use for - probably salads for the turnips and radishes (they store well so we can keep them in the fridge a bit), and pesto with the basil.  We have a good amount of basil in our garden as well, so it would appear we need to make some pesto for freezing.  And to give to Shannon so she can make us her fabulous pesto lasagna (hint, hint).

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Chef Shawn said...

I love your meal planning post, you're very creative and now I am hungry! We meal plan weekly, as well (I posted our plans for a long time, if you hunt through my archives, but then Life Happened and I stopped posting them). People look at us like we're crazy (usually right after they ask us how we eat all this "fancy" food--like pastured beef--on a budget).

It's also great to see how you're using your CSA. I use some of my client's CSAs to create their meals, and it's always fun to be able to serve them something they've never had before from their weekly share.

You've got a great blog, I can't wait to read more!