Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to CSA: 8/26/10 + Menu Planning

Better late than never, right?  I swear, I had every intention of posting this last Thursday night, but something or another distracted me.  Probably severe exhaustion (I'm pretty sure the baby had a growth spurt last week, causing me to eat everything in sight, feel constantly over tired, as well as overly stupid).

Delicious looking, no?


haruki turnips

lots of roma tomatoes (all of which, along with another entire case of romas, have already been processed into puree for freezing) and one yellow tomato (which has already been used in another round of Stuffed Bell Peppers, which I froze in preparation for new baby hell)
we filled 4 of these giant food service bowls with quartered romas
using the old Victorio to puree - LOVE this thing too!

stock pot full of puree (brought to a boil)

a white onion (little helper had to get his hands in at least one shot)

red bell peppers


red creamers (and one lonely yukon gold)


romano beans

Due to time constraints, this CSA's meal plan will come in 2 parts: one for this week and one for next.

Monday 8/30: Columbia “1905″ Salad, bread
Yeah, we didn't get around to making this last week.
Market ingredients: bread
Garden ingredients: tomato, oregano

Tuesday 8/31: Hot dogs, leftover corn on the cobb, cauliflower
Um, I need to grocery shop.
Cook's notes: Use first batch of homemade pickles?
CSA ingredients: onion, cauliflower
Market ingredients: corn

Wednesday 9/1: Farmer's casserole, romano beans
Cook's notes: Use leftover baked ham, add tomatoes, some kale, and red bell pepper.
CSA ingredients: red creamer potatoes, kale, red bell pepper, romano beans
Market ingredients: green onions
Garden ingredients: tomatoes

Thursday 9/2: Shake n Bake Style Chicken, yellow wax beans, wild rice
Market ingredients: chicken, yellow wax beans
Garden ingredients: herbs

Friday 9/3: Unknown
Possibly homemade hummus, salad, and the like... otherwise, it's Take Your Family Out For Tacos or Sushi Night.  The baby craves sushi.


stephanie said...

I LOVE vegetable porn. Keep those pictures comin!

Pam said...

This all looks and sounds great. It's great to see a blog from my neck of the woods!