Monday, August 23, 2010

How to CSA: The Weekend Report

So here is the first official How to CSA / Menu Planning Report.  We didn't stray too far from the plans; a few substitutions there, a few extra additions here.  What can I say, I get overly excited when I'm at the market and tend to get extras to toss in wherever I can.

Wednesday 8/18: Rotisserie Chicken, Mexican Quinoa Salad

The quinoa salad was a big hit with everyone.  We skipped the spinach; added onions, tomatoes, corn, bell pepper, zucchini.  It turns out there is no better way to cook a whole chicken than rotisserie on the grill - the entire bird was crazy tender and juicy.  And it cooked in no time flat.  WIN.
CSA ingredients: garlic, radishes
Market ingredients: corn, chicken, zucchini, bell pepper
Garden ingredients: tomatoes 


Saturday 8/21: Pork chops, Wheat Berries With Sesame, Soy Sauce and Scallions, summer squash

I marinated the pork chops in teryaki, then grilled them.  The mushroom guy at the market suckered us (very willingly) into purchasing oyster mushrooms, which Bryan sauteed with a little butter.  Even Oliver liked them.  The squash was so, so sweet.
CSA ingredients: onions, yellow squash
Market ingredients: oyster mushrooms, scallions

Sunday 8/22: Chicken fried steak with white pan gravy, roasted red potatoes with rosemary and garlic, corn on the cob, fried okra

The corn was so sweet and tender it was practically ridiculous.  Bryan made a fantastic meal, but the corn was pretty stand out (made me glad we just froze a dozen to store for winter!).  Oliver happily munched on the okra until he ate the coating off one and tried the okra plain.  Then it was, "Mom, what is that?!"  And not in a good way.
CSA ingredients: red potatoes, garlic
Market ingredients: okra, corn
Garden ingredients: rosemary

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