Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to CSA / Menu Planning: 8/12/10

Here I am falling down on the job already, as usual.  My plan to publish a post with each use of our CSA items is not totally happening.  But perhaps I'll just post the interesting ones?

We ate the broccoli with homemade sausage pizza (both the sausage and the pizza being homemade), and used a tomato, some yellow squash, and an onion in veggie quesadillas (along with a green bell pepper and some pumpkin leaves we picked up at the Tosa Farmer's Market).  We can all make pizza and quesadillas, no need for photos, right??

To help with this whole concept, I have decided to post my upcoming menus here, similar to the menu widget on my blog.  Whether I will maintain a widget here as well or manage this just via tags and posts remains to be seen (give feedback on that!).

Our upcoming plans include:

Monday 8/16: White-Bean-and-Pancetta Pizza 
Cook's notes: Homemade crust; use bacon instead of pancetta, add mushrooms
CSA ingredients: garlic
Market ingredients: mushrooms
Garden ingredients: rosemary

Wednesday 8/18: Rotisserie Chicken, Mexican Quinoa Salad
Cook's notes: Use other green
CSA ingredients: garlic
Market ingredients: corn, cilantro, chicken 

Thursday 8/19: Hamburgers with smoked cheddar, corn on the cob
Market ingredients: corn

Friday 8/20: Columbia “1905″ Salad
Garden ingredients: tomato, oregano

Saturday 8/21: Pork chops, Wheat Berries With Sesame, Soy Sauce and Scallions, purple beans
Cook's notes: Use JenEhr onions instead of scallions; marinate chops - teryaki?
CSA ingredients: onions
Market ingredients: purple beans

Sunday 8/22: Chicken fried steak, roasted red potatoes
CSA ingredients: red potatoes

Monday 8/23: Fried Green Tomato Grilled Cheese, salad
CSA ingredients: radishes, tomatoes
Garden ingredients: green tomato

Tuesday 8/24: Grilled Ground Lamb Kebabs with Fresh Hot-Pepper Paste, couscous with herbs and butter, summer squash
Cook's notes: Make 1 non-spicy kebab for Ollie
CSA ingredients: summer squash, onion, garlic
Market ingredients: cilantro
Garden ingredients: herbs

Wednesday 8/25: Stuffed Tomatoes with Ground Pork and rice 
Cook's notes: Use summer squash, greens, fresh herbs
CSA ingredients: onions, garlic
Garden ingredients: herbs, tomatoes

Thursday 8/26: Breakfast-for-Supper Tofu Burritos
Cook's notes: Add extra veggies, make homemade salsa
CSA ingredients: garlic, tomatoes, onions, summer squash
Market ingredients: bell peppers, cilantro
Garden ingredients: hot peppers, tomatoes

Friday 8/27: Sweet n Sour Pork Balls, rice
CSA ingredients: garlic, onions
Market ingredients: bell peppers
Garden ingredients: tomatoes

Saturday 8/28: Fish with honey curry glaze, Cheese Stuffed Potatoes with Yogurt Spice Paste and Sesame Seed Crust
Cook's notes: Make a not spicy potato for Oliver
CSA ingredients: onion
Market ingredients: bell peppers, cilantro
Garden ingredients: serrano chile

The interesting part with come if when I post pictures, seeing how the menu has changed...

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